My Story...


Hey friends!

Thank you sooo much for stopping by! I’m Leah - a gal who just loves all things music, fashion, photography, and people. As a preteen I started writing my own music, and I created a Christian rock/pop band with my brother and sister. We wrote together, sang together, and played all over the East Coast. Since then, I’ve worked as a worship leader, and I’ve had the pleasure of working for so many different churches. From Hillsong Church in Australia to the smallest little country church you can think of, it has been a wild ride of crazy great experiences.

I’ll be sharing everything that I’ve learned throughout my journey on my up and coming blog, kaeloncreative, which I’ll be launching in 2020 with my sister (Be sure to follow my instagram for all the updates!).

Thanks again for stopping by! Btw, you’re amazing, and I hope you have an awesome day.



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